Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chariots of Des(F)ire

A few weeks ago, Totally Awesome Boyfriend and I decided we wanted to watch, Chariots of Fire. Neither of us had Ever Seen It. We had been talking about the film when Totally Awesome Boyfriend introduced me to One Of His Many Rare Skills: He is able to list Every Single Academy Award Winning Best Picture Movie In Chronological Order -- Backwards!! Sure, Totally Awesome Boyfriend has Other Talents, too. Like The Ability To Drink A Full Liter Bottle Of Water In Under Five Seconds. And, An Uncanny Impression Of Christopher Walken. But this Backwards Award Winning Movie Recitation is Most Impressive and deserves its Own Award! Anyhow, as he was Listing Off The Films he mentioned when he got to 1981 that he had Never Seen Chariots of Fire and I told him Neither Had I and The Next Thing You Know, It Had Been Netflixed. The movie arrived a few days later. As soon as I returned my Double Feature Disk of Airport and Airport '75, that is. Gotta Love that George Kennedy.

So, after A Lovely Walk last week, we cuddled up on Totally Awesome Boyfriend's Sofa and Shut Off The Lights. Totally Awesome Boyfriend then Inserted The Disk into The DVD Player. And we began to watch 1981’s Best Picture Winner, Chariots of Fire. I think we got through About Five Minutes before we both Fell Asleep. Totally Awesome Boyfriend gently woke me and suggested we just go to bed.

"We can try watching the movie Another Time!" he suggested.

"I am So Sorry," I told him, fully embarrassed. "I Really Wanted to see The Movie!"

"We just had Too Much To Drink at Dinner, that is why We Can't Watch It," he replied. "I am So Sleepy!"

"I may be Drunk!" I announced, drowsily.

It appeared we had Whisky Disk.

Days later, Totally Awesome Boyfriend suggested we Try Again to watch Chariots of Fire. He reminded me that Everyone Else Had Seen It, so We Should, Too. Then he told me It Wouldn't Hurt. And that I was Really Pretty. I Relented, Just Out Of Curiosity Mostly.

The Stupid Movie did win Best Picture, after all.

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