Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Letters To The (15-Year Old) Daily Randi At Sleep Away Camp From Her Best Friend (At The Time) a.k.a. Some Things Never Change

Second of a Multi Part Series

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The (15-Year Old) Daily Randi’s Boyfriend was named, “Bill.” Her Best Friend (At The Time) writes about a “Bill”, too. They are Not The Same Boy. Although both were, apparently, Really Cute.]

A Bubbly-Hand Written Letter

July 15, 1985

Dear The (15-Year Old) Daily Randi,

I received your card today. It brought tears to my eyes. (I’m serious!) I was upset that you wouldn’t be here. This birthday is going to stink! Oh, well life goes on. I was going to get you the same card for your birthday. Isn’t that such a coincidence. Rocky Point is boring! I talked to Sam the other day. She called to see if I I’m having a birthday party. I guess she thought I wasn’t going to invite her so she wanted make sure. She has been hanging out with Sharon all summer. I guess I’m not on Sharon’s level. Oh something funny happened today. We were on the bus at BOCES pulling out at the end of the day and the cute kid Bill was standing there I was looking at him when the bus went by and he was staring right into my eyes (I’m for real) and when we pulled out of the school. I say to Susan he was looking right at me and she gets all defensive and says he was starting at all of us (of course she likes him too!) So I just go, oh really! She was soooo mad because she has this thing where she thinks he is always staring at her and waving at her when he is trying to kill a bug! Because he is trying to smack the bug and it looks like he is waving and it is hysterical. She thinks everyone wants her. I’m not kidding. She says to me today while we are waiting for the bus, look over by Bill I think he’s starting at ME, I mean us. I was like, give it a rest Sue, he was just tying his shoe. She is such a fag! I may be exaggerating but this how she is. Oh well!


What’s new with camp? Anything exciting? How’s The Really Cute Boy? How’s volleyball coming along?

Phil Collins!


I don’t remember if I told you but Madonna was AWESOME AT LIVE AID. She sang Holiday and Get Into The Groove and then she sang a new song she didn’t even record yet called Love Makes The World Go Round. It’s really good! It was really hot so Madonna goes, “I feel like taking off my jacket but I’m not taking off shit because who knows what they’ll say about it in ten years!! (Get it – Penthouse nude photos!!!!!!!!!) She was really good. In London they showed the beginning of Madonna’s act and they had to shut it off and they (the crowd) went crazy they started throwing stuff at the screen. It was wild.

I Heart Bill!!!!!!!

An Excellent Name!!!!!!!

Bill Hearts The Daily Randi’s Best Friend At The Time!!!!!!

Bill Hearts The (15 Year Old) Daily Randi!!!!!!

I bought this bag which like your pink one but it is bigger and more like a suitcase I think.


Old High School Friend and Krista arrived safely from Germany early this morning. Old High School Friend apparently is madly in love with these two guys that were on the tour. They are from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I heard this from Christian [Old High School Friend’s Younger Brother]. I didn’t call Old High School Friend yet. I’m going to wait till tomorrow because she probably has jet lag and is extremely tired. Krista is leaving for Florida. He whole family is there. Well I’ve gotta go. If I get any more details on Old High School Friend’s summer romance I will let you know.

Your Best Friend (At The Time)

Bill –N- The Daily Randi

Bill –N- Your Best Friend (At The Time)

BILLS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Actual Photo of Acutal Letter to the (15-Year Old) Daily Randi at Sleep Away Camp From Her Best Friend (At The Time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael said...

W!o!w! That's a lotta exclamation points! I loved this letter. I'm for reals!

Randi said...

Michael, I'm like, Oh really??!!!