Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Shame Shampoo

Yesterday, I happened to drive past My Old Shrink's Office and noticed it was now An Upscale Beauty Salon. You know, The Type Of Place That Only Lets Celebrities and/or Small, Fashion-Victimized Dogs and Their Fashion Victimized Owners Through The Front Door. They had redone the whole outside with glass doors and I could see all the way in to The Back Office where I used to do most of My Confessing/Complaining. It looked like that was where The Shampoo Girl worked now. I thought of parking my car to go inside and see if they would let me Look Around. Maybe I could even Make An Appointment. Then, I could get A Cut, Color, and Blow Dry at The Same Time I tell The Hair Dresser all about How I Hate My Mother, just for Old Times Sake.

And then I realized, I do that with My Regular Hairdresser now. So, really, The Shrink-Office Transformation-To-An-Upscale-Beauty-Salon is Entirely Appropriate! In fact, I bet They Charge About The Same per Appointment.

And Neither One Accepts Insurance.

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