Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Little Woman

My Favorite New Pastime is to Knit while Listening To Audio Books. I have always Loved To Knit and I have always Loved To Read and so Combining The Two seemed like The Most Brilliant Idea Ever. I was Killing Two Birds With One Stone! So, now, instead of Watching Television, I like to Light My Candles, Pour Myself A Glass Of Wine, Stick In A CD Of The Current Book I Am "Reading," and Work On My Latest Knitting Project. I am just like Jo, from Little Women, just Without The Suitor and Minus The Itchy Wardrobe! And, of course, Sans The iPod. I don't think they even had Radios in Louisa May Alcott's Time.

The book I am Listening To Right Now is The Third Harry Potter Book and it is Fantastic! I don't even like Harry Potter, but as an elementary school teacher, I feel it is Required Reading these days. In fact, recently, I hosted A Hogwart's Feast at the school I work in, as a reward for some of the students. Because I hadn't read any of the books, when the parents asked me for The Feast Menu, I quickly rang up Good Friend Who Always Takes Me Out When A Boy Doesn't Call, who is also, Good Friend Who Always Takes Me Out When A Boy Doesn't Call And Who Knows A Lot About Harry Potter. She told me exactly what kind of Food Items to list. Afterwards, I decided Actually Reading The Books would be a good idea if I wanted to be A More Responsible Teacher. Well, or Listening To Them. I have Us Magazine to Read.

So, now, after I come home from work, eat dinner, finish preparing my lessons for the next day, make my lunch, and pick out what I am going to wear the next day (a rather complicated procedure), I relax Not By Watching The Latest Reality Show, but by Attending Hogwarts Academy, Learning All About Witchcraft, Mastering Spells, and Knitting A Bandeau, which is Fancy for Tube Top.

And I doubt, Jo from Little Women ever wore a Tube Top. Or Hermione, for that matter.

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