Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Cutest Boy (For) Ever

So. I wonder how many of My Readers were thinking to themselves, "Hey! It's Friday and I have not received The Daily Randi in my Mailbox yet! Not even a Re-Run Greatest Hits Thing! What's up with The Daily Randi?!" Because, as you May or May Not Have Noticed, I didn't send out The Daily Randi on Friday.

And that's because I Didn't Write A Column. See, I had a Date with The Cutest Boy Ever on Thursday Night and he was even Cuter Than I Remembered and we went Out For Drinks and had such a Super Time Talking and Drinking that we decided to Sit In His Car and listen to All The Cool Music he had downloaded to his Ipod and that was So Much Fun that we decided to Go Somewhere Else For Drinks and then we went Back To My House where The Cutest Boy pulled out All My Vinyl and My Record Player and we danced a waltz to My Old Ballet Music but I Kept Trying To Lead and he got Frustrated and then it was So Late there was no point in him Going Home so he Stayed Over and No, We Didn't Have Sex because We Both Decided We Wanted To Wait and then The Next Day we woke up and we went Out For Lunch and Bloody Marys and then we went to The Greatest Record Store On Earth and then we Went For A Beer and The Baseball Game Was On and when The Game Was Over, it was Late Again and it was silly for him to Drive Home, so Again He Stayed Over and Again We Did Not Have Sex. Then, on Saturday Afternoon, after spending Nearly 48 Hours Together, he turned to me and said, "We can't get All Wrapped Up in each other this weekend because I have Crap to do." Which reminded me: "Shoot. I Never wrote my Friday Column."

And somehow, it Didn't Really Matter.

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