Thursday, October 27, 2005

Boo! Yuehh...

Halloween is coming up. I think I am going to go as Carrie. I love the idea of posing as A Prom Queen for The Night, even one that has been Teased, Tormented, Doused With Pig's Blood, and been Forced To Unleash Her Wrath on The High School Student Body. It is sort of the same way I am when I am on The Rag, except this way, I get to wear A Tiara.

I was telling The Cutest Boy Ever my Fabulous Halloween Costume Plan, in A Failed Attempt to persuade him to dress up as The Pig when it reminded him that his roommate was dressing up as A Cowboy. Apparently, every single year, for the past fifteen years, his roommate has dressed as A Cowboy for Halloween and The Cutest Boy Ever thinks his roommate may be in a Halloween Costume Rut. I told him, I knew someone, too, who had been Inflicted with A Bad Case of Halloween Costume Unoriginitus! I used to work with a girl who showed up at The Office, Every Year on Halloween, as Wonder Woman, mostly because she Had The Costume. Unfortunately, she also Had The Costume back in 1987, and um, The Years had not been too kind. Yet, still, Every Year on Halloween, she insisted on Squeezing Herself into her Wonder Woman Hot Pants and Bustier. About the only thing that Still Accurately Fit were those Ugly Red Boots. And, of course, The Lasso.

Now, looking back, I realize she may have been On To Something. After all, what is Scarier than A Co-Worker annually donning An Ill-fitting Halloween Costume?!

Trust me, it was A Total Fashion Nightmare.

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