Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Statements Of Purpose

Boys are saying The Weirdest Things to me. I have heard, "I like your Cheeks!" more times than I care to mention. "I want to Pull On Your Ponytails!" is another Popular Declaration amongst men. My favorite has to be, "You are like a 19 Year Old Girl!" I get that one all the time. At least that one makes me Feel Young.

I was telling Shabby the other day about all the things The Newest Boy said to me the other night on our First Date and she told me she never gets Declarations From Boys like I do, and then told me that they Only Want To Sleep With Me. The Newest Boy said to me, "I want to Turn You Into A Cartoon. You would make a Really Good Cartoon." I would have been offended if he wasn't an Animator and didn't Kiss Me right afterwards. But, I have a Hard Time seeing how Wanting To Turn Me Into A Cartoon Character means that The Newest Boy wants to Get Into My Pants.

If you ask me, it means he Only Wants To see Me Sunday Mornings.

At least it means, he intends on Staying The Night.

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