Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Parked (Courtesy Of Me.)

Last week, Totally Awesome Husband and I had a Date Night. He has been working at A New Writing Job since October. It’s Great and All. Except, he now has a 45 Minute Commute to and from work. Not only that, but his hours are Long. Couple that with His Needing To Go To Bed Really Early and it means that some nights we only to see each other for An Hour or Two. Enter Date Night.

This week, we ended up having dinner together at one of My Old Hollywood Haunts. It was Delicious and it was nice to be spending Quality Time with The Man I Love. Because I met him After Work, we took Separate Cars. On my way home, I passed My Favorite Place To Buy Black And White Cookies! Mmmmmm! I Adore Black And Whites! They are simply Delightful! Half Chocolate Icing, Half Vanilla Icing and A Nice Spongy Cake-Like Base. Except, it’s A Cookie! I like to eat mine by taking A Knife and Cutting it into Little Squares so that some times I get Vanilla Bites and Sometimes I get Chocolate Bites. And sometimes, I get Both. If Totally Awesome Husband hadn’t come along, I would have been happy to marry A Black And White Cookie instead. Or, at least have had A Civil Ceremony with one.

The Only Problem with Black And White Cookies is that they are One Million Weight Watcher Points. So, like, I try and Avoid Them at all costs. Unless, of course there is A Terrific Parking Spot Directly In Front Of The Black And White Cookie Bakery! Then all Weight Watcher Rules go out the window and I am Buying Black And White Cookies (Yes. Cookies, not Cookie) and because I didn’t even have to Put Money In The Meter since it was after 6pm, I could wait as The Cookie Lady wrapped up A Linzer Tart, too!

You would have thought Totally Awesome Husband would have been Pissed At Me when I got home. I had spent most of dinner complaining about How We Both Wanted To Eat Healthier. But, I explained to him that I had found Excellent Parking and he understood!

Probably he was So Understanding because he confessed that earlier that week he had driven past The Best Hot Dog Stand In Los Angeles and Bought A Hot Dog. These Hot Dogs are So Good that they are An Institution around here and people wait on A Long Line just to Taste One. Apparently, Totally Awesome Husband was driving past on his way home from work and saw there was A Perfect Place To Park right in front of the stand! He immediately Parked, Waited On Line, and Enjoyed His Hot Dog. Later on, he had A Terrible Stomach Ache, but Never Mind! The Pleasant Parking made it all Positive!

All I could say was: Thank God Cold Stone Creamery doesn’t have Valet.


Annika said...

I think I saw on Jenny Craig that good parking means zero calories.

Northern_Southerner said...

so? black and white cookies over pinkberry? inquiring minds want to know.

ChiaLynn said...

Ooh, ooh, what's your Favorite Black and White Bakery? I have never had a Black and White Cookie (I know, I know, the shame), but I've been mildly obsessed with trying one ever since Smitten Kitchen ran a recipe for them ( I don't want to start with just ANY Black and White Cookie, though. I want to start with a Really Good Black and White Cookie.

Diane Mandy said...

Oh how I miss American hot dogs!

Anonymous said...

WHAT. Where in L.A. is the BEST black and white cookie bakery? I only buy mine in New me immediately.

Randi said...

Black and White. Well, except that Pinkberry is Fat Free. Black and Whites are Not. Okay. Pinkberry. But, if I am Sick and Too Thin -- Black and Whites!

My Faaaaavorite Black and White Cookie Bakery would be found in Manhattan and basically Any Jewish Deli will do. (But, Veselkas in the East Village used to do a Good One, too.) In Los Angeles, I like that Canter's for Black and Whites - as long as they are Fresh. Ask if they were made That Day. I like Frommins in Santa Monica, but they are always Sold Out. Good Black And Whites Sell Out Fast.

I think I already Answered Your Question.


P.S. Frommins has A Parking Lot!!! And there is A Cold Stone Creamery in The Same Shopping Strip!

Northern_Southerner said...

Happy Thanksgiving Daily Randy and TAH.