Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ah, Sundays.

Friday, I had My First Day Off. I went back to Work on Thursday, the first day back since The Wedding, The Honeymoon, and The End Of The School Year. Yes, it was Back To School time for The Daily Randi and it felt like A Really Long Day. So, Friday, I decided I would do Absolutely Nothing. Well, besides catching up on Hours of Bad, Tivod Television. Otherwise, I did Nothing! Oh, I attended A Weight Watchers Meeting. Other than that: Nothing! Wait, I forgot I also uploaded some Honeymoon Photos. But, then: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing! Well, I also went Grocery Shopping. Ah, Never Being Able To Just Do Nothing.

Friday night, I dragged Totally Awesome Husband to see Once On This Island over at UCLA. Once On This Island is one of those musicals that has A Cult Following. Musical Theatre Junkies Love It. But it is after my time, having been produced on Broadway when I was already in College. So, it never became A Musical Drug Of Choice for me. Dreamgirls is My Heroin. Once On This Island got A Good Review and I was Curious so I found us some Cheap Tickets. Basically, the show is A Caribbean Little Mermaid, but like The Original Hans Christian Anderson Little Mermaid, not The Disney Happy Ending Little Mermaid. And it was Terrific! Even Totally Awesome Husband liked it! The Music was Really Fun, The Dancing was Terrific, and The Story made me Cry. Except, I Cry over Spilt Milk, so it doesn’t mean much. No, really, it was Sad! Ah, Being a Big, Stupid Musical Theatre Sap.

Saturday, we went to see The Pineapple Express. And then afterwards we went for Delicious Salads at A Salad Specializing Restaurant We Frequent which is right by The Movie Theatre. The Salads were Good. And The Movie was Freaking Hysterical! I Laughed until I Cried! See? I Cried! Again! Really! It was That Funny! Ah, Being A Big, Stupid Funny Movie Sap.

Today, Totally Awesome Husband went to The Farmers Market and brought home Flowers! He likes to get up early and go running and on his way home, he sometimes stops by The Big Local Farmers Market and picks up Fresh Fruit and Veggies. And sometimes he brings home Flowers for me. Today he surprised me with a bright orange bouquet which was So Pretty! Dare I say, This Flower Buying Gesture made me… Cry?? Sigh. Well, anywhay, The Flowers were Really Pretty. Ah, Sundays.

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Annika said...

I cry at everything too. "Totally Awesome Husband" - I teared up. Yay!