Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ah, Sundays.

Totally Awesome Fiancé and I spent much of the day Plotting The Best Method To See The New Batman Movie, The Dark Knight. Since, Totally Awesome Fiancé is going to ComiCon this weekend, he felt he needed to See It. And I Want To See It, because I hear it is Very Good. But, Every Freaking Show was Sold Out. Everywhere. The movie is going to make Millions Of Dollars. We bought Tickets for Tomorrow Night. Ah, Popular Movies Featuring Dead Actors That Geeks Flock To.

On Friday, I am flying out to New York for The East Coast Bridal Shower that Easily Annoyed Sister is hosting for me! I am looking forward to seeing at least One Broadway Show, if not Two. And breathing in The New York Air that I Really Miss! Oh, And Seeing All My East Coast Friends At My Shower! Okay, and Seeing Easily Annoyed Sister and My MOM. I guess this is the only Shower I am getting, since no one has offered to throw me A Bridal Shower here in Los Angeles. Yes, that is A Guilt Trip/Hint Drop To Everyone Who Knows Me And Lives In Los Angeles. If this Guilt Trip/Hint Drop has Positively Affected You, I promise I will Not Complain About How Much I Hate Showers During The Shower, as long as you don’t make me play Stupid Shower Games and People Bring Me Lots Of Gifts That I Don’t Have To Open In Front Of Everyone and You Supply Lots Of Booze. Puhleeeeze??!! I can’t stop checking Our Registries. We really need New Knives! I’ll be on My Bestest Behavior! It doesn't have to be Fancy! Whaddaya Say??? Ah, Don’t Let The Daily Randi Drive The Bridal Shower Bus.

We ate at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles yesterday. Yes. I Know. One Million Weight Watcher Points. But, The Waffles were Sooooo Delicious! They sell A Drink there called, “Pit Bull.” It is just like Red Bull, but marketed as “The Hip Hop Energy Drink.” Alas, it did not come Sugar Free so I did not Try It. Ah, Cleverly Named Urban Energy Drinks.

This is My Last Week Of Work before September. I am So Looking Forward To The Time Off. Except, oh yeah – I have to plan This Stupid Wedding. Ah, Stupid Weddings That Make Vacation Time Fly By.

Saturday Morning, we had New Cleaning People come to Clean Our Apartment. The Good News? All of Our Scotch is Accounted For! The Bad News? They Didn't Really Clean Anything. They Really Sucked and now we are on The Hunt For New, Non-Thieving Cleaning People Who Actually Clean. Ah, Impossible Tasks.

Yesterday, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I picked up Our Wedding Rings. We have yet to have them Engraved because we are thinking of Something Special to put in each other’s ring. Because we are Jewish, we had to get Very Simple Rings, Sans Stones. I picked out something Very Pretty And Classic. Ah, Sweet Reminders That I Am Getting Married.

Tonight, I plan on Lighting A Candle and Finishing A Stupid Good Book while Totally Awesome Fiancé does Some Writing. Eh, Nothing Is On Television, anyways. Ah, Sundays.

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Amy L said...

If I still lived in L.A. I'd totally throw your shower!

(I know, that doesn't help!)