Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Also, The Rent Is Due.

Today, a third grader came to class and asked me to Sign A Math Test for her. I asked, “Why do you need Your Drama Teacher to Sign A Math Test for you?” With a forlorn face and sorrowful tone, the student explained she did So Poorly on the test that her mom insisted she go to school and ask Every One Of Her Teachers To Sign Her Terribly Taken Test as Torture. This seemed like A Very Unfair Punishment to me, but The Student appeared quite upset.

I took the test from her hands and the student handed me A Pen. Just incase I was still In Doubt, she added, “I’m really sorry.”

Aw. Poor kid. Shucks -- I’ll Sign.

I clicked on The Pen.


“OWWWW!” I screamed, immediately dropping the pen.


And The Whole Class Laughed.

I was Shocked, both literally and figuratively. I Couldn’t Believe I Forgot It Was April Fool’s Day! But, also, because That Kid Was Quite The Little Actress. This Drama Teacher may have been Fooled, but she was also Quite Impressed!

Here’s hoping you all had A Less Shocking April Fool’s Day!


Green said...

Wow! Snap that kid up for your next play!

Anonymous said...


Nanette said...

Dah! I thought she was trying to get you to sign it instead of her mom. Heh. Good one.

Lori said...

At least your kids didn't come up with an elaborate plot to tie you up:

Anonymous said...

All your dilligent work as a drama teacher coming back to bite you in the ass... er, shock you in the hand, whatever.

Bittersweet trickery!!!