Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Daily Randi Is Very Excited About Three Things That Happened This Weekend.

Very Exciting Thing Number One: Totally Awesome Fiancé and I watched Disks 1 and 2 of The ABC Afterschool Specials. They were pretty Awesome. In case you are Too Young to recall What Exactly An ABC Afterschool Special Is, they were Hour Long Movies made just for Kids that ran around 3pm on ABC about Once A Month. Usually, they were About Being Nicer To Friends, or Where Babies Come From, or Some Crap like that. I told Totally Awesome Fiancé that I used to Love those things, and would be So Excited to come home from School and turn on The TV and discover that There Was An Afterschool Special on! Well, that is until I got hooked on General Hospital. Then I was Pissed, because The ABC Afterschool Special preempted General Hospital and I had to wait A Full Day to find out what Luke and Laura were up to. Anyhow, these Specials were Awesomely Bad. I Highly Recommend adding them to your Netflix Queue.

Very Exciting Thing Number Two: We met with Two Different Rabbis we are considering to conduct Our Wedding Ceremony this weekend. This isn’t all that Exciting. Although, one of The Rabbis also works as An Actor. He actually has A Very Impressive List Of Credits. Only in Los Angeles would Being A Rabbi be One’s Backup Plan. And to think, All That Time I Wasted Serving Food To Famous People, I could have been Serving God instead!

Very Exciting Thing Number Three: Totally Awesome Fiancé and I attended A Wine Tasting At A Local Wine Shop this weekend with The Slackmistress and Be The Boy and we ran into Our Hip Librarian Friend. This would be So Unusual if we hadn’t Just Happened To Run Into Hip Librarian Friend At The Same Exact Tasting once before! I mean, we only go to this place, like, Three Times A Year. What makes this Run In even Weirder? The night before, Totally Awesome Fiancé and I ran into Be The Boy on our way to A Hollywood Party! Who will we Run Into Next??? Watch Out!

The Sum Up: ABC Afterschool Specials are just as Bad/Good as I Remembered, That Man Reading The Torah On The High Holidays May/Or May Not have appeared on An Episode of The Jeffersons and Totally Awesome Fiancé and I Are Being Stalked. Also, Today I Apparently Love Italics Almost As Much As I Love Capital Letters.

Thank you for Playing The Daily Randi Is Very Excited About Three Things That Happened This Weekend. Please Drive Carefully.


Annika said...

Holy smacks! ABC After-School Specials are on DVD?

Diane Mandy said...

Oh yes, I *do* remember the After School Special and Saturday mornings with School House Rock. THose were the days!

Will said...

I was way too excited to see my name in a TDR post, there was dancing.

Sarah said...

I just met an actor who is a Brain Surgeon on the side. uh...huh?

Anonymous said...

Er, what?

Anonymous said...


Did you watch ONE TOO MANY yet? My boss directed that one...ha. I need to Netflix them.

Sounds like the wedding planning is bringing you a load of posts!!

(hil's sister)