Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Only Used “Pusillanimous,” Like, Once.

I remember when I was in Fifth Grade, My Teacher told us that A New Word Doesn’t Become Part Of Your Regular Vocabulary Until After You Have Used It 100 Times. And so far, I have found it Quite Easy to Incorporate My Latest Vocabulary Word: Fiancé.

\ˌfē-ˌän-ˈsā, fē-ˈän-ˌ\
a man engaged to be married

“I will have A Double Tall Non-Fat Latte. But My Fiancé will have A Grande Americano.” I tell The Starbucks Lady.

“I won’t be able to Wait All Day. But, My Fiancé will happily Sit At Home to let Your Totally Inept Technician in!” I inform The Verizon Repair Operator.

“I have A Fiancé!!!!!” I shout to No One In particular. “Fiancé!! Fiancé!! Fiancé!!!!!”

The Word, Fiancé, is pretty Cool. I am Sure I have already Used It, like, 5000 Times.

Unfortunately, Totally Awesome Fiancé thinks The Word, “Fiancé” is pretty Gay. So, he Refuses to say it. “I like the term ‘Wife,’ he explained. “But, when I say. ‘Fiancé,’ I think I sound like A Girl.”

“But ‘Fiancé’ is An Awesome Word!” I insisted. “'Fiancé' rhymes with 'Beyonce!' And You Love Beyonce!!”

“No, You Love Beyonce.”

He’s Right. I Love My Beyonce.

I wonder if Jay-Z feels about The Same Way about The Word, “Fiancé,” too.


Anonymous said...

I think she's his JIGGA.

Anonymous said...

So, y'think T.A.F. is pusillanimously avoiding the word fiancé? (smirk)

Hey, I think I have the words for you and TAF to use, a perfect compromise. There's a Hebrew word that can mean *either* bride or fiancée. The word is kallah. The word that can either mean groom or fiancé is chosson, or chatan.

Chosson v'kallah. Hmmm. I like the ring of it.

geewits said...

This made me laugh because I've been married three times and I don't think I ever used that word once. I DO remember the first few times I said "husband" and how weird that was. That was just weird. It's still kind of weird. You'll see.

Anonymous said...

I am so so so happy for you!

Michelle said...

You are so funny, and I am so happy for you! Until reading the comment above, I hadn't really zeroed in on TAB changing to TAF and ultimately into TAH!! LOL! Have a great day, and congratulations and best to you both, again!!! :)

Nanette said...

It's also quite exciting when you get to start using "husband" or in my case, "hubby." :)

Green said...

How about "Boyband"? :)

Sorry - the song by Britney with the words "not a girl, but not quite a woman" is playing in my head now...

Diane Mandy said...

You guys are too cute! I'm so happy for you!

R said...

Too funny. Hubbs and I both hated the word.

Cybele said...

I like to refer to the man I married as my boyfriend.

Which rhymes with 'pretend'.

Sort of.

MakeMineDaily? ToAwseRandi? Adelphike?

Jamie said...

found your blog from say it don't spray it... my husband HATED the word fiance as well, so i started calling him my "fianceman" and it stuck.