Thursday, April 05, 2007

Moving Ahead

I really don’t know How I Do It. For the past week, I have been balancing My Big Move with Work. I am admittedly, not A Very Good Multi-Tasker. But, somehow, I am Managing. Luckily, I have a few days off, so I will have More Time to get things done.

For example, today, I cleaned out My Under The Kitchen Sink Area. Wow, do I have A Lot Of Cleaning Supplies! Ironically, I Hate To Clean. Most of the bottles are Completely Full and Unused. And, it appears that I enjoy purchasing Oven Cleaner, because I had Multiple Cans. Of course, I have Never Once Cleaned My Oven, since, like My Vast Supply Of Cleaning Supplies, My Oven has been Rarely Used.

Also, I took A Coffee Can Full Of Change down to the Coinmach Machine at My Local Grocery Store. I have been depositing Coins into That Can for over Seven Years. I thought for sure, I had Amassed Enough Coinage to cover A Trip To Hawaii! Or A Cruise to Mexico! Or A Designer Clothing Shopping Spree at The Trendy Los Angeles Mall/Paradise! But, alas, I had only saved $24.11. That averages out to about $8 per year. Quite The Disappointment. After you deposit your Coins, you get A Receipt that you must take to A Cashier. I lamented to The Friendly Clerk, “I thought I had So Much More! That Coffee Can was Soooo Heavy!” And The Friendly Clerk told me that A Woman came into The Store last week and had $1400 worth of Coins. She came in with A Suitcase. Then, I felt Stupid for Complaining. But, Seriously – that is A Ton Of Coins! At least she actually had Enough For A Cruise To Mexico.

Our New Apartment is on A Permit Parking Only Street, which is Great For Us. However, What We Need To Do to obtain Our Permits is A Big Pain In The Posterior. We have to Change Our Driver’s License Address, Change our Car Registration, then go down to The DMV and obtain A Copy Of The Paperwork because The DMV doesn’t Automatically Issue New Registration Cards. After that, we have to go to The City Of Santa Monica and show our Proof to get Temporary Permits. That is The Only Way we can get Full Permits. The Entire Process sounds Tedious. But, not quite as Tedious as Cleaning An Oven.

Which reminds me, I need to Hire A Service to Clean My Apartment so I can get My Security Deposit. Recommendations are currently being Accepted.


Michael said...

Ovens can be cleaned?

Obviously i'm the wrong person to ask for recommendations regarding apt. cleaning.

But if i find enough change in the cushions of my couch, I'll take you to Hawaii.

Cybele said...

You may not know this, The Daily Randi, but some ovens have a self-cleaning function. You close the oven door and make it so.

(I didn't know either. My husband told me.)

Will said...

I once financed a trip via the Coinstar machine but it was only to visit my family who was then living in Florida.

Aimee said...

HI! Maybe you can take a trip when you get your cleaning deposit back? I hear Portland is nice in the spring. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've yet to encounter a cleaning service that will SCRUBscrub your apartment. I used MaidtoClean (they're online, I believe) for Mr. Boy's apartment. However, if your walls or cabinets are filthy, they won't do it (or they will, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg.)

I don't know how big your place is, but imagine around $100-$150, depending. Mine just hired someone and took $100 off the security deposit, which was fine by me!

Anonymous said...

When we moved my boyfriend out of his apartment last week, he finally deposited the coins he had obviously been saving since I was a small child (seriously, he had a 5 gallon paint bucket filled up with coins.) $244.39. Not enough to really go anywhere, but we had a very nice dinner on him. ;)