Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Pedi Argument

Sunday morning, I was staring at Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Feet. He had wrapped his leg over me while we were in bed. So I had An Excellent View.

“You should get A Pedicure!” I announced.

“I am Not Getting A Pedicure, “ he replied. “You are trying to Make Me Gay again!” And with That, he got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there is Nothing at all Wrong with Totally Awesome Boyfriend’s Feet. In fact, they are Rather Attractive feet for a Man. Sure, he has some calluses from Running. But, his toenails are Well Groomed. Neither Foot Emits A Foul Odor. They are no Weird/Gross/Unidentifiable Things Growing Out From The Sides. They are Good Male Feet, overall. Rather, I just thought Totally Awesome Boyfriend would enjoy The Pleasures Of A Pedicure. His Feet looked like they would find it Quite Pleasant.

“There is Nothing Gay about A Pedicure!” I shouted after him. “I see Men getting Pedicures and Manicures all the time At The Place I Go To!”

“You mean in West Hollywood?” Totally Awesome Boyfriend called from the other room. West Hollywood is A Very Gay Friendly part of town.

“Yes. But, these men are Not All Gay! Most of the men are Totally Being Dragged In By Their Girlfriends, too, as a matter of fact!” I retorted.

I then explained to him how You Get To Sit In A Comfy Chair and Your Feet Get Soaked and They Massage Your Calves and They Trim and Clip Your Cuticles and Make Your Feet All Clean and Comfortable! And You Even Get To Read Trashy Magazines!

“But, I don’t think they have Maxim,” I admitted, thinking of one of his Favorite Periodicals. “We can pick you up a copy on the way.”

“I am Not. Getting. A. Pedicure,” Totally Awesome Boyfriend reminded me, returning back to bed with the Sunday Times.

“Okay,” I sighed. We each began to peruse our favorite sections of the newspaper. Naturally, his is Sports and mine is Styles.

I waited A Few Moments before I said: “The Girls who work at The Nail Place are Really Super Hot!”

And Totally Awesome Boyfriend wasted No Time in replying: “I’ll go on Wednesday.”


Michael said...

I can't believe he said that. 'cause Wednesday would conflict with the two o youse's date to watch Project Runway.

Amy L said...

Project runway is a Rerun this week.

Plus you can download it to your ipod. :)