Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dear Daily Randi: Know It All

It's Thursday and that means it is The Daily Randi Advice Day! Keep those e-mails coming and please remember, I have no idea what I am talking about........

Dear Daily Randi:

I admit, I enjoy That
American Idol Program. I watch it Every Week. In fact, every Tuesday Afternoon, I commit some time to Creating My Own Homemade Posters to root My Favorite Contestants on. I understand they can't see the signs when I hold them up to The TV In My Living Room. But, it is The Thought That Counts. Don't forget That.

My Question is This, The Daily Randi: I predicted to all my family and friends that Paris would be Voted Off this week and I was Correct! Does that make me Some Sort of Psychic?

I Predict You Will Say Yes.

Dear Wrong:

No. You are Not Psychic.

I don't watch American Idol. But, My Tivo does. And My Tivo and I are like This. As a result, I shall Agree -- Paris needed to Go Home. She had gotten Way Too Cocky. And taking on Mary J Blige was A Huge Song-Choice Risk. But, more importantly, her Hair Do was Always Changing and that drove me Batty! I could never keep it Straight – does she have Long Hair? Or Short Hair? Curly or Straight? It was So Confusing! I like My Entertainers to keep One Hair-Do for at least A Year. Only after that time, are they permitted to make Any Changes. Of course, they can change their outfits Seventeen Times A Night if they wish. But, The Hair Has Got To Stay. Otherwise, I lose track.

You May Not Be Able To Predict The Future, But, Like Me, You Know A Bad Wig When You See One And America Doesn’t Need That To Idolize That,
The Daily Randi


Michael said...

Me and my TiVo are like that. And by that I mean I don't have one. Take that, TiVo!

(Hi Randi, great meeting you last night.)


Randi said...
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