Thursday, October 13, 2005

Google, Google, Goo

The Cutest Boy Ever has been spending An Awful Lot Of Time at My Apartment of late. So, the other day, when he asked to use My Computer, I figured, sure, What The Heck? After all, he needs to Check His E-Mail just like everyone else -- what Harm could it bring? So, let him Use My Computer, I did.

And while The Cutest Boy Ever Checked His E-Mail, I took A Shower. How Adorable were We? This must be how Power Couples behaved! Unfortunately, when I got out of The Shower I heard The Cutest Boy Ever call out, "Hey, The Daily Randi, Did you by chance Google Me?"

Shocked and Surprised, I had no idea What To Say. "Um..." was all I could muster as I walked over to my desk, where he was working.

"I just went to check this site, and this article I wrote came up automatically. You must have read it! he explained.

Dear Readers, I don't know what happened, but I found myself completely, utterly Speechless. "Um..." I said again. "No. No way. No way, Jose! I did not Google You! I have no idea what That Site Is. You must have looked at it once before. In A Past Life." I ran back to The Bathroom.

Sh$t, Sh$t, Sh$t, Sh$t. What did I just do? I just totally lied to The Cutest Boy Ever about Googling him! And, The Crazy Thing Is, I don't even know why I Did It! What so be So Bad about Admitting To Googling Him? After all, everyone Googles Everyone these days! Right? Right!

This was no way to start A New Relationship! And so, I decided, I needed to tell The Cutest Boy Ever The Truth. I needed to Confess, Yes, I Googled You. I Googled You and I am Unashamed! I would definitely tell him The Truth. I figured, I really had No Choice. In fact, I had to confess to The Googling Immediately!

And by Immediately, what I really mean to say is In A Year Or Two. Because, Unfortunately, Admitting to Lying about Googling Him seems Worse than Admitting To Googling Him in The First Place.

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